Timothy G. Schafer, its senior partner, founded the firm in 1974. For over thirty years Schafer & Schafer's knowledgeable, experienced attorneys have tried a wide array of cases in state and federal courts before judges and juries, as well as participating in arbitrations and mediations. They have handled appeals to Louisiana's Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court. While members of the firm vigorously represent their clients' interests, they adhere strictly to the legal profession's ethical rules and standards of civility.

Schafer & Schafer has a reputation for its willingness to try its clients’ case to a civil jury. Because the firm has extensive experience in jury trials, its members are acutely aware of trial procedure and evidentiary rules. The firm uses basic and technological methods to appeal both through sound and sight to the jury. It prepared and uses its own evidence book and a voluminous set of indexed jury charges.

Whether retained when the lawsuit is filed or a month before trial (the firm has been called upon in both instances), the firm’s focus is directed toward the presentation of the case to the fact finder. Through frequent firm meetings, the partners become acutely aware of the theory of the case and the necessity of directing meaningful discovery, which is reviewed by the assigned trial attorney, to further the presentation of the case. The partners recognize the importance of being totally candid with the client and maintaining integrity and credibility with the jury so that the jury respects counsel, the insureds, and the insurers.

Because of his reputation, Mr. Schafer has served as an instructor/presenter at seminars in Masters In Trial, Masters in Cross-Examination, Presenting Voir Dire and Opening Statements, and Rights and Obstacles in Obtaining Civil Jury Trials.

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